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God’s Provision

Yesterday Kevin and the 4 oldest boys worked very hard cutting wood. This wood will be for next winter. They’ve already worked hard along with some other kind friends from church to provide wood for this winter. I know I will appreciate their hard work when I am warmed by the fire on a cold winter day.

I’m so thankful for a husband who has always worked hard to provide for his family. At one time he was working full time, pastoring and doing extra work in his spare time to provide for us. I’m so grateful for the privilege I’ve had and still have of staying home with my children.

I know some people must think we’re crazy to have 8 children and live on one income but we are always marveling at the abundant provision of the Lord in our lives. We never lack and are so thankful for the way God provides.

Psalm 37:25 (ESV)
I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread.

Fun at the Park

Yesterday while Kevin and the four oldest boys were working hard cutting wood, I took Kristi and the three youngest boys to the park. We went after lunch and when we returned home Zachary and Josiah took naps. After playing hard at the park they were sleeping soundly in about five minutes.




Nicholas on the monkeybars






Trail at the park where we enjoy hiking.


Upside-down Zachary

Gorgeous October Day

It’s 72 degrees and sunny here right now. Kevin Michael and I went for a bike ride on some trails in the woods. We were treated to many bursts of color. It was so nice today that we even saw some boats out on the lake.

Color on one of the trails.

bike ride

Kevin Michael on the trail.


Boat on Higgins Lake.

My Bear Story

Kevin lets me plan our camping trip destinations each summer. I always get his input but I have fun checking out possible places to visit and I make reservations at state parks online. I thought it would be fun to check out Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. I looked for a place to camp where we could enjoy visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula and also be close enough to explore the Porcupine Mountains. The website for campgrounds in the Porcupine Mountains had information on camping with bears. Not wanting to get too close to bears while staying in a tent, I thought Twin Lakes State Park might be a better option since I saw no mention of bears on their website. Plus the lake there is one of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s warmer lakes.

Each morning I would get up and walk on a nice trail to a near by BP station for a cup of coffee. One morning Kevin Michael, Luke and Jacob walked with me. While we were on the trail Kevin Michael said, “look, there’s a bear cub.” That was my first encounter with a bear in the wild. I encouraged all of my boys to keep moving. I didn’t want to wait around and see if the mama bear would appear.

Of course I know that there are bears throughout the Upper Peninsula. We have bears here where we live. Friends from church have pictures of bears in their yard. Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us but we did get to see a bear.


Trail where we saw the bear cub.


Over the weekend I was troubled by some things that are really small in light of eternity. It’s all too easy to be burdened by the cares of this life and let it rob us of our joy. I hadn’t spent enough time in God’s Word and in prayer. It’s something I need daily. I knew I needed to get back on track this morning. As I was reading my Bible, I was very encouraged by Psalm 68:19.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,
The God who is our salvation. Selah. (NASB)

I knew I needed to confess my worry to the Lord and leave my burdens with Him. I am not in control but He is and He is the only one who can change the situations that trouble me. As I walked this morning, I was able to spend much needed time with the Lord in prayer. My heart was much lighter when I finished my walk. I am so thankful the Lord daily bears our burdens.

Happy 9th Birthday Jacob!

jake's birthday

Jacob opening one of his presents while Kristi watches.

jake's bday

Nicholas swinging at the pinata.


Luke taking a turn.

jacob's bday

Lots of candy.