Archives for October 2007

Taylor’s Birthday

Taylor celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday. Where does time go? He picked Cincinnati chili for his birthday supper and cheesecake for his birthday cake. One of the gifts he received is a glow in the dark football and after trying it out last night, the guys all agree that it’s pretty cool.

Pumpkins and Ponies

Saturday I took the kids to a local fruit market where they had free pony rides, cider and donuts and a maze made from corn stalks. It was a beautiful day and we brought home some delicious cider and apples that we’ve been enjoying.

Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Morning

We’ve had lots of rain this week so I was glad to be able to walk this morning without rain falling. There was lots of beautiful Fall color to enjoy while I walked.

Enjoying the Sunshine

Zachary, Josiah and I went for a walk after lunch today and enjoyed the sunshine, blue skies and colorful leaves. After a rainy day yesterday it was good to see the sun. It’s a very pleasant October afternoon. We’ve been walking by a house that is being built on the lake. The little guys enjoy seeing the progress.


Walking to the lake (and of course they had to check to see how the water felt)


Last Friday we went to an orchard and enjoyed a wagon ride, the playground, a rope maze, animals and gift shops. We were treated to lots of beautiful scenery while we traveled.

Feeling Like Fall

We’ve been having some warm beautiful October days but this morning it’s cooler and feels like a Fall day. I enjoyed the crisp cool air on my walk this morning.

Yesterday was nice and warm and the kids had fun raking leaves into piles and jumping in them.

It was a pretty morning for a walk today.

Glad to Be Back Home

I went to a Ladies Retreat last weekend and then went and visited family on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I enjoyed myself very much but am glad to be back home. Yesterday Kristi, Nick, Zack, Josiah and I walked to the park in the town where I was raised. It was a great day and the kids had lots of fun.

Happy 10th Birthday Jacob!