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It was fun this morning to walk while snow was falling. I enjoyed the beauty of the snow on my walk. My kids were eager to get outside and enjoy the white stuff.



Christmas Tree

Yesterday, as snow was falling outside, seemed like a perfect day for decorating our Christmas tree. We put on some Christmas music and enjoyed decking the house with our Christmas decorations.




Taylor hung the lights on the porch


Luke getting a picture of the tree

Happy Birthday Kristi!


Thanksgiving Travels

We had a nice visit with our families over Thanksgiving. On Thursday we drove to Kalamazoo and had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and visit with Kevin’s family. Then on Thursday night we drove to my parents and were able to visit with my family until we headed back home Saturday afternoon.




Sunrise behind my parents’ house on Friday morning that I enjoyed on my morning walk


Playing games with Grandpa


Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary, Josiah and I walked to the playground at the elementary I attended to check out their new equipment. The boys especially enjoyed climbing on this.


Jacob at the top


Luke on Grandpa’s deck


My Dad’s flag flying

Thanksgiving Dinner

We had our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at church yesterday after our morning service. As always there was lots of great food. Somehow Zachary and Josiah managed to get at the front of the line. They were eating while I was at the back of the line.

I’m looking forward to traveling later in the week to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family. We’ll get to spend time with both sides of the family which will be lots of fun.


Snowy Evening

Kevin and I enjoyed a nice meal last evening thanks to a gift certificate given to us from our church family. It was a relaxing, quiet meal and a real treat for us. The restaurant was decorated for Christmas and Christmas music was playing. It was a snowy evening which added nicely to enjoying the Christmas season even though it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. The kids started playing some Christmas music yesterday as the snow was falling. I don’t like to decorate until after Thanksgiving though. I’m expecting a new Christmas piano book to arrive today. I’ve been wanting some new Christmas music so I sure appreciate the internet where I can find what I want. It’s a nice alternative when local shopping is limited.


Kevin got this picture with my camera after our meal

Happy to See the Snow

My kids were glad to see the snow falling today. They were anxious to get outside and have some fun.



Last Ride?

I took a bike ride this afternoon and it may well be my last ride until Spring. I thought I’d better get another ride in before the cold and snow settle in to stay. It’s been a rather pleasant day for November in Northern Michigan. It’s 50 degrees and sunny right now but the high tomorrow is supposed to be 35 with a chance for a little snow. I had to smile this morning when I noticed Josiah’s ears perk up, his eyes shining and a grin spreading from ear to ear at the mention of snow on this morning’s radio weather forecast.


Nick and Zack playing in the fort this afternoon which became their airplane with a little imagination


The lake this morning

Sunny November Day

The snow we had a few days ago didn’t last long. It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Northern Michigan. I had a great walk this morning and the kids have enjoyed some fun outdoors. I’m looking forward to watching some football later today. I don’t complain at all when my husband watches football. I enjoy it as much as he does.









We even have a little Fall color left to enjoy

Snowy Morning

We got our first snowfall a couple of days ago. Yesterday it melted but today it’s snowing again. I enjoyed the beauty of the snow on my walk this morning.


The lake


The trail this morning