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Walking With My Little Guys

Yesterday Zachary and Josiah walked with me in the morning. It was fun having them along. Josiah told me he saw a new tree growing in our yard. I asked him what kind it was and he said, “a leaf tree.” I guess he meant a “leaf” tree as opposed to a “needle” tree. When we were almost finished with our walk Josiah said, “We should weigh ourselves when we get home.” I asked him if he thought we lost some weight while we walked and he answered, “Yes, maybe half a pound or a pound.” If only weight loss were so easy!

Gorgeous June Morning

A nice day is in store for us today. It was very pleasant walking this morning and the lake was nice and calm.

Kristi’s New Look

Kristi got her hair cut shorter yesterday for summer.

New Look

Thanks to my computer savvy husband, my site has a new look and I have my own domain name now.



Kevin and I enjoyed a beautiful drive through farm land last evening. Kevin spotted this deer in a field as we were driving home. It was fun watching it bound through the field to the woods.


Yesterday afternoon the kids and I hiked the CCC fitness trail. I enjoyed the various flowers we spotted while we were there.

Beautiful Start to Summer

It’s a gorgeous morning today. Our morning walk on the first day of summer was very pleasant.


It turned out to be a nice afternoon today. I was so glad to see the sun shining and blue skies after so much cloudy, rainy weather. Kristi, Luke, Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary, Josiah and I went for another bike ride this afternoon. We enjoyed riding on some trails deeper in the woods and went to a different park today. I especially enjoyed the meadow full of wildflowers at the park.

Josiah and the flowers

On the trail


Luke finding mint leaves

Bike Ride

Five of the kids and I enjoyed a bike ride to the park yesterday afternoon. We are looking forward to the first day of summer tomorrow and hopefully some warmer temperatures. It’s been rainy and cool this week.