Archives for August 2008

Boat Rides and Tubing

Grandpa is visiting with us and we had fun getting rides on his boat today and some of us enjoyed some tubing too.

Weekend Visit

After a great week of camping we spent our weekend visiting with family. It was good to be with some of our family for the weekend and we even got to watch some fireworks on Saturday night celebrating the 150th birthday of my hometown. Josiah fell asleep on the way home. I think the busy week caught up to all of us.

Vacation Photos

We had a great vacation last week. We camped at Young State Park in Boyne City and were blessed with beautiful, warm weather. We had a great time swimming in Lake Charlevoix and had lots of fun all week long.

Sand Angel

This is what little boys from Northern Michigan do when there’s no snow.

Josiah in the sand at Charlevoix

Another Great August Day

I enjoyed walking this morning. It’s another beautiful August day. Zachary walked with me. There were several people launching their boats on the lake today. It looks like it will be nice all day.

Nice Day

It’s been a great day here today. I enjoyed the beauty of the lake this morning when I walked and my kids are enjoying being outside this afternoon.

My Walking Buddies

It was a great morning for a walk. Luke, Jacob and Zachary joined me for my walk today.

Bike Ride

Josiah and Zachary looking at the lake

Car Wash

The guys were busy this morning getting the vehicles clean.

Enjoying the Lake

Yesterday was a great afternoon to get in some swimming.


Taylor making a big splash

Zack and J.D.