Archives for October 2008

Tiny Snowman

Zachary found enough snow yesterday to make a little snowman.

What a Deal!

The five youngest and I went to town this afternoon, ran some errands, stopped at the park and then we got our free tacos at Taco Bell.

First Snow

We didn’t get much but we got our first snow of the season yesterday.

the lake this morning

Fresh Air Break

I took my 5 youngest to the park for a while before lunch today and did some walking on the trails there. The fresh air break was good for us all.

Enjoying Fall While it Lasts

Josiah, Zachary, Jacob and Nicholas were raking paths in the leaves yesterday. They like to ride their bikes around on their paths.

Jacob, Zachary and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon.

Taylor’s Birthday

Happy 16th Birthday Taylor!

Taylor at breakfast this morning


There is still some color left to enjoy when I walk in the mornings but many leaves have fallen and some of the trees are bare now. It was chilly walking today but pretty.

Color by the lake this morning

Bare trees by the lake – I took this picture last Friday morning.

Mackinac Island

Last Friday, Kevin and I spent the day enjoying Mackinac Island. We took our bikes and rode the 8 miles around the island. The views were beautiful. The weather was great. We splurged on some fudge and taffy to take home and share with the kids.

Rainy Day

Luke and Zachary joined me for my walk this morning. We took our umbrellas along but it only sprinkled a little bit. We’re supposed to get more rain later.