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Thanksgiving Walk

My oldest brother started a tradition a few years back of taking a walk after we eat our Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Morning

We had a nice visit with our families for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving morning, Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary, Josiah and I walked to the school playground and the outdoor education area. It was cold but fun.

Kristi’s Birthday

Fresh Air and Exercise

When I walked this morning Kevin M. and Taylor walked to a nearby hill to do a little snowboarding. It was a beautiful morning to enjoy some fresh air.

Happy Birthday Kristi!

Kristi with birthday flowers from her Dad

Kristi with birthday flowers from her Dad

Kevin’s Snowboard

Yesterday while Kristi and I ran some errands in town, I dropped off Kevin M. and Taylor at Pioneer Hill to try out Kev’s new snowboard. They tell me it will be better when there is more snow and it’s packed down better.

Cold and Snowy

It was cold when I went for my walk this morning – only 9 degrees. Thankfully I was bundled up and stayed warm. When I got home the younger boys were busy clearing snow from the driveway and van. We sure are having a snowy November!

More Snow

We woke up this morning to a fresh coat of snow. It was a very pretty morning for walking. When I got home from my walk, Zachary and Josiah were outside enjoying the snow.

Shed in the tall pines

Zachary eating snow


While I was walking this morning I noticed a couple of deer sitting in the woods. I stopped and looked right at them and they were looking right back at me. I was hoping to get a picture of them but by the time I got my camera out and ready, they took off. I realized there were four of them. I got a picture of three of the deer when I walked back by but they were further away so the picture isn’t the greatest.

November Snow

We woke up this morning to a fresh coat of snow. I enjoyed the beauty of it while I walked and the little guys were anxious to get outside and enjoy it.