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Cloudy, Snowy Morning

I was glad it was 14° this morning so I could go for my walk and not wait for it to warm up later in the day. Luke joined me and we walked on the lake. Light snow was falling the whole time we walked.



Walkie Talkie

Luke had fun talking to Nick (back at home) on their walkie-talkies while we walked this afternoon.


Warmer Day

I’m glad it’s a little warmer today than it has been recently. It was 19 degrees when I walked this morning.


Ice shanties on the lake this morning


Zachary in the snow after our walk yesterday afternoon

Eight More Inches

We got more snow yesterday and last night. It was a pretty walk to church this morning.


Lots of Snow

Keeping up with the snowfall this winter has been a big job. I was shoveling the drive yesterday when Taylor and Luke came out to help. They make it look easy and get the job done much faster than I do. Josiah is standing on a large pile of snow in the background that has been shoveled from the drive this season.


Snow Tunnel

Kevin and Taylor have spent many hours digging a cool snow tunnel. The other kids have helped by hauling away 5 gallon buckets of snow. I was quite impressed with their tunnel. I took some pictures while I was in it but the pictures don’t do it justice.

Wintry Day


Back to the Books

Our break is over and we’re back to school today.



Lake Walk

This afternoon, Zachary, Nicholas and I went for our first walk of the season on the frozen lake.


Nicholas and Zachary


Nick’s ice


Zack’s ice


walking back home

Clearing Snow off the Roof


Jacob on top of the garage roof


Jacob, Luke, Kevin and Taylor clearing the garage roof