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The kids and I enjoyed a visit to the park this afternoon.

Great Afternoon

I went for a walk this afternoon. It’s in the 50s and we’re enjoying the warmer weather. Zachary and Josiah got out their bikes and the other kids are playing basketball.


Kevin’s Birthday

After some cake and ice-cream, Kevin M. suggested shooting some hoops.



Happy 18th Kevin!

Kevin M. at breakfast this morning

Kevin M. at breakfast this morning

Still Frozen

It was cold when I walked this morning but it’s supposed to get up in the 40s today which will be nice. The lake is still frozen and it will take awhile before it thaws.


Sunny Spring Afternoon

Luke and I went for a walk this afternoon. It’s sunny and 41. Kevin M. was shooting some hoops while we walked.



Just When You Think It’s Spring…

I was a little surprised to look out and see fresh snow this morning. Since I live in the north, I wasn’t terribly surprised though. Jacob, Zachary and Josiah decided to head out this morning to enjoy the fresh snow. Our deck was totally clear of snow yesterday but not today.

Josiah, Jacob and Zachary on the snow covered deck

Josiah, Jacob and Zachary on the snow covered deck


Yesterday we left early and got home late so we could visit with family for a bit. We got to see both sets of grandparents and my sister and some of her family. My Dad treated us to lunch and Kevin’s parents made a nice supper for us. Taylor did all the driving for us which amounts to about 7 hours total. He does a good job of staying alert and wide awake late at night.

Grandpa and Josiah

Grandpa and Josiah

Fabulous Weather

It’s been a warm, sunny beautiful March day. The kids were all anxious to get outside and enjoy the great weather.




When I left for my walk this morning, Jacob and Josiah were enjoying the swing set. It looks like we have a nice day in store. It’s sunny and supposed to reach the 40s today.