Warmer March Weather

It was in the low 30’s when I walked this morning and felt so much warmer than the cold weather we’ve had recently. I’m looking forward to warmer days. There’s lots of snow to melt.


lake this morning


  1. Sure wish it would melt as fast as the 5 inches of snow and ice we got last Sunday. Gone by Wed. Then it would be more enjoyable for us to come back 🙂 We are doing well and enjoying the family. PLAN on leaving here the 15th for Michigan. Judy is going to let us know how our drive is when we call her. Before this last week, no one has been able to get to our house because of ice-including Lowell Kage 🙂 Miss our church family and anxious to see everyone again. Millie

  2. Sure didn’t enjoy seeing all the snow you have up there yet!

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