Beautiful April Morning

I’m really enjoying my morning walks. It’s been so nice having it warmer. Lots more ice had gathered along the shore of the lake this morning. It was gorgeous and I loved the sound of the water lapping against the layer of ice blown in from the deeper water. It’s been nice walking on a trail that is clear of snow. It’s sunny and supposed to get in the low 60s today.




  1. This picture made a great background. I just want to walk there too every time I look at the computer. Lovely picture.

  2. Thanks Evelyn. I really enjoy walking on the trail. It’s great having such a pretty place to walk.

  3. what awesome Pictures….. I agree with Evelyn…

    I am waiting for my foot to heal and then I will walk a little…hopefully…

  4. Beautiful photos! I wish I could walk down that crunchy path of leaves right about now. I do miss the beautiful trees of Michigan.

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