Walking in the Rain

I grabbed my umbrella when I went for my walk this morning. I enjoyed the sound of the gentle rain falling on my umbrella as I walked. I saw three beautiful blue jays flying from tree to tree along the trail. There’s always much to enjoy on my walks. Each day it seems a little more green appears.



  1. We got the commodities today at the village and the maintenance man and one of the able ladies delivered them in the pouring down rain… glad i was inside.

    It took us until about noon to get it all sorted. The folk here truly appreciate the help.

    Praise the Lord for his provision.

  2. evelyn says:

    Alway appreciate where you live. It looks like a resort you’d pay a lot for. Isn’t God good? Each place I move to I look for the pluses and not the negative of where I live. I live in an apartment now but we have a beautiful court yard to look out. We don’t have to cut grass or shovel snow. It is beautiful. I can also look at Carolyn and Lois’ pictures and enjoy them too.
    Thank you Lord.

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