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Young State Park

We had a great time camping at Young State Park our second week of vacation. Josiah enjoyed using his new fishing pole and even caught a fish!

Canoe Trip

We took a 2 1/2 hour trip down the AuSable River this morning. We enjoyed the beautiful river and only saw one other canoe. I took a few pictures before we left but didn’t take my camera along on the river. I was afraid of getting my camera wet and I had all I could manage to keep the canoe away from the banks. Luke was in the front of my canoe and by the time we were halfway to our destination, we were going along quite well. It’s been years since I’ve canoed, so it was nice going again.

Four canoes ready for our departure

Four canoes ready for our departure

Camping at Hoffmaster

We went camping at PJ Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon the first week of our vacation. We had lots of fun swimming, hiking, running on the dunes and when it rained on Thursday morning we headed to Kalamazoo to visit the Air Zoo. We even got to see several of our family members who live in West Michigan on Friday evening. We had a great week.

Hartwick Pines Black Iron Days

We went to Hartwick Pines yesterday and had fun watching the sawmill in operation and a variety of crafters displaying their handiwork. Josiah even got to make a nail.

Great August Day

It’s warm and sunny here today. I got a walk in this morning. I’ve missed my walks lately so it was good to walk today.



We had lots of fun last week with VBS.

Josiah’s Birthday