Archives for January 2010

First Skiing for the Season

I finally got outside this afternoon and did some cross country skiing for the first time this season. We haven’t had as much snow this year as last and could definitely use some fresh powder. I haven’t been outdoors the last couple of days so I was eager to get some fresh air and exercise. Luke and Jacob skied with me. They are much better at it than I am and have already done a lot of skiing this year.

Fresh Snow

Kristi, Luke, Jacob and I went for a walk this morning. It was nice to see a fresh coat of snow today.

Lake Walk

Luke and I walked down the trail this morning and we walked home on the frozen lake. Zach and Josiah were having fun in the snow with their trucks.

Kevin’s Jeep

Pretty Day

Saturday’s Walk

January Thaw

We’ve been enjoying some warmer temperatures the last few days in the 30’s and above freezing. Kristi, Luke, Jacob and I went for a walk this morning. I’m glad to see some patches of blue sky peeking through the clouds today.

Frozen Lake

Some Ice

Ice is forming near the shore on the lake but there is still lots of open water.