Archives for February 2010

Pretty Morning

This morning Kristi, Luke, Jacob and I walked on the lake. We started out shortly before sunrise today.

Walking in the Woods

Yesterday morning we walked in the woods.

Ice Skating

I took my kids skating yesterday and even got on skates myself for the first time in over 25 years. I was definitely a better skater in my younger days. Even though I was moving around at a snail’s pace, it was fun and I enjoyed watching my kids have fun (and flying around the ice much faster than me). Kristi took some pictures for us.

Sunshine and Blue Skies

It’s beautiful here today. Kevin M., Kristi and I walked on the lake this morning. It was great seeing the clear blue sky today.

February Morning Walk

Taylor, Zachary, Josiah and I walked on the lake this morning.

Snowy Morning

Kristi walked with me this morning. We got a bit of fresh snow.

Walking on the Frozen Lake

One of the fun things we enjoy in winter is walking on a frozen Higgins Lake. Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary, Josiah and I walked the lake this morning. The lake was bustling with activity. We saw snowmobiles, gators, 4-wheelers, trucks and lots of fishermen on the ice.

Pretty February Day

It’s a very pretty February day here. The sun is shining and we got some fresh snow. I was glad to get a walk this morning. My three youngest boys enjoyed the snow and some fresh air while I walked.

Zachary’s Birthday Breakfast

We didn’t get a chance to take Zachary out for breakfast on his birthday so we did this morning.

Zachary’s Birthday

We celebrated Zach’s birthday yesterday. It’s hard to believe he’s 9 years old now!