Archives for May 2010

Taylor’s Open House

Boat Rides

While Kevin’s parents and my Dad were here for a visit today we went to the lake to enjoy some rides on Dad’s boat. It’s a beautiful day and the lake wasn’t busy. It will be a different story tomorrow when Memorial Day weekend begins.

Walk to Park

Luke, Jacob, Zachary, Josiah and I went for a walk this morning to one of our township parks. It’s a beautiful sunny day and the lake was very calm.

Park Trip

Zachary, Josiah and I went for a bike ride to the park today.


It was quite windy by the lake this morning.

Mother’s Day

My family was very good to me on Mother’s Day yesterday. I got some nice cards and gifts and Kristi made a delicious meal for us. I am blessed!


Luke is busy making some of his delicious homemade bread for us today.


It was beautiful this morning when I went for my walk.

Marl Lake Hike

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so Kristi, Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary, Josiah and I went for a hike at Marl Lake. We’ve hiked there before but this was the first time we hiked the entire trail. It’s one of my favorite hiking spots. The kids spotted lots of wildlife – a swan, a heron, geese, chipmunks, a toad, a rabbit and a small snake.