Archives for June 2010

Cool June Day

It’s a cooler and sunny June day here. Luke, Jacob, Kristi and I rode our bikes to the park. It was very windy down by the lake but a beautiful day!

Nice Day

It’s another beautiful June day. Kristi, Luke, Jacob and I rode to the North State Park this morning.

North State Park

I’ve been wanting to ride my bike to the North Higgins Lake State Park so Luke and I did that this morning. It’s a beautiful day for a ride.


I went for a walk to the lake with Kristi and Lissy this morning and enjoyed some beautiful flowers.

CCC Hike

We’ve enjoyed having our nephews, John and Levi here this week. Today I took the guys for a hike on the CCC trails and then we stopped at the North State Park for a bit.

Cloudy Day


Kristi and Luke checked out several library books on gardening this past winter with the intent of starting a garden this year. Kristi and Luke helped their Dad make some raised beds for the garden. Today the kids had fun planting some vegetables and flowers. We also have a strawberry patch that we started last year from some plants given to us by a friend from his garden. I am looking forward to enjoying some home grown tomatoes this summer.

Pretty Day

Morning Walk

Beautiful June Day