Archives for July 2010

Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke celebrated his 14th birthday today!

Home Grown Goodness

We’ve been enjoying some fresh cucumbers from our garden the last few days.

Morning Bike Ride

Luke, Jake and I rode our bikes this morning to the CCC museum. The weather was great for a ride. After we rode there, we cut over to the North State Park and a couple of deer ran across the trail in front of us. The lake was very pretty and calm this morning.

Nick’s Birthday Party

Yesterday while Nick’s birthday cake was in the oven we lost power. The cake was only half baked. Instead of the Cincinnati Chili Nick wanted for his birthday supper we ended up getting pizza and going to the North State Park where there was power. We had pizza and ice cream, swam and Nick opened his presents. Today we’ll continue celebrating his birthday with the chili and his birthday cake. Nick loved the change of plans due to the power loss. He is a fish and loves to be in the water, so swimming on his birthday was lots of fun for him.

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nicholas is 11 today. We went out for breakfast this morning to celebrate all of our July birthdays.

Beautiful July Day

Josiah’s Tomato Plant

Josiah started this tomato plant from a seed.


I took my kids to the lake yesterday afternoon. The lake was beautiful and the water felt great after all the hot weather we’ve had lately. We had lots of fun!


Sunny Day

Luke and I went for a walk this morning. Looks like we have another hot and humid day in store.