Archives for August 2010

Warren Dunes

We had a great time camping at Warren Dunes. The weather was gorgeous. It was nice and warm and didn’t rain. We enjoyed beautiful Lake Michigan and hiking around the dunes.

Mackinac Bridge

Kevin’s parents came for a visit yesterday and we went to see the Mackinac Bridge. We had lots of fun seeing the sights in the Straits of Mackinac. We ate supper in St. Ignace and couldn’t pass Murdick’s without stopping to buy some fudge. We didn’t swim but the kids did stick their feet in Lake Michigan. We love the beach along Route 2 west of St. Ignace. It was a beautiful day for a trip.

Beautiful Day

Yesterday’s Walk

Yesterday Jacob rode his bike while Zachary and I walked. I sure enjoy my morning walks!

Great Day

Tuesday we took Kristi to camp and while we were there we got to visit with Kevin M. and Taylor for a bit. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We saw a very pretty field full of sunflowers and while we were stopped for some road construction admired a lovely garden. When we returned home we enjoyed a refreshing dip in Higgins Lake and then Zachary, Josiah and I went for a short bike ride.

Josiah’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Josiah’s 8th birthday.