Archives for January 2011

On the Trail

Saturday we went to the park and while some of the kids skated, Nick, Josiah and I cross country skied. It was so pretty in the snowy woods.

More Snow

Cross Country Skiing

Lake Walk

Jacob and I walked on the lake this morning. It was the first time this winter I’ve been on the lake to walk. It was snowing a little bit. Jacob wiped the rail clean on the deck before we started. He posed by it after our walk to show how much snow had fallen. This time of year, I’m always happy to see fresh snow.


The kids and I met some friends at Pioneer Hill on Saturday and enjoyed some fun in the snow.

Snow Fort

Luke, Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary and Josiah have been happily digging tunnels and rooms in the snow pile.

Cold Morning Walk

Jacob, Zachary, Josiah and I walked this morning. It was cold, but nice to get outside anyway.

the frozen lake

Fresh Snow

We got a fresh batch of beautiful snow overnight and some more this morning.

Winter Morning

Ice Skating

My boys have been enjoying quite a bit of ice skating this week.