Archives for July 2011

Happy Birthday Josiah!

Josiah is 9 today.

Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke is 15 today.

Picnic and Hike

Today is Luke’s birthday and he wanted a picnic lunch followed by a hike at Marl Lake. It’s been a beautiful day. Marl Lake is one of my favorite hiking spots. We saw chipmunks, dragonflies, and frogs.

July Morning

Luke walked with me this morning. It’s another beautiful July day. It’s hard to believe July is almost over for another year.


The boys and I rode to the park this morning.

Watching the Sunrise

I got my walk in early this morning and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.

Morning Bike Ride

Luke, Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary and I rode our bikes on the cross-country ski trails to the park. We went around the whole loop. Going downhill is always the most fun.


I think July is my favorite month of the year. We’ve had several hot days this past week so the kids and I have spent quite a bit of time at the lake. Yesterday morning I went for a walk. In the afternoon we went swimming and then in the evening we went for a bike ride. It was a beautiful day.

Pretty July Morning

It’s been a hot week. When I started my walk at 7 am this morning it was already 80°. Today will be a great day to spend some time at the lake.

Nick’s Birthday

Yesterday Nicholas celebrated his twelfth birthday. We had a picnic lunch at the lake and enjoyed some swimming and kayaking. It was a beautiful afternoon to be in the water. It was hot and sunny and the water was perfect. Nicholas picked Cincinnati Chili for his birthday meal and two large round brownies with ice-cream and m&m’s in the middle for his birthday cake.