Archives for August 2011

Visit with Family

Yesterday we traveled downstate to return Dad’s boat. We stopped at Cops and Doughnuts Bakery in Clare on our way. We had a nice visit with both sets of parents.

Camping at Higgins Lake

We are enjoying a two week vacation right now. Today we returned home from a week of camping at North Higgins Lake State Park. My Dad let us use his boat for the week so we had lots of fun going for boat rides, tubing and skiing. We had some rain the first two nights but had several days of beautiful weather. It was nice camping close to home.

Morning Walk

This morning I went for a walk and watched the sunrise. The boys camped out in the yard last night. Jacob, Zachary and Josiah slept in the tents but Nicholas slept on the deck under the stars.

Reward for Hard Work

Yesterday Kevin had Jacob, Nicholas, Zachary and Josiah clean the garage. For supper he treated them to McDonalds which we ate at a park by the river in Roscommon. After supper we went for a walk at the Gahagan Nature Preserve. On the way home we stopped for blizzards.


Zachary, Josiah and I went to town to do our shopping this afternoon. Since no one else was going to be home for supper, we grabbed some food at McDonald’s and ate at the park.

Picnic at Hartwick Pines

The boys and I went to Hartwick Pines for a picnic today. It’s been a beautiful day.

Day Trip

I took Luke to Camp Barakel today. I got to see Kevin and Taylor for a bit. We saw a beautiful field of sunflowers on the drive. Jacob snapped a picture of them through the window of the van as we drove past. Levi is here visiting with his cousins. We stopped at the Grayling Fish Hatchery on our way home. The boys enjoyed feeding the fish.

Pretty August Day


We went with some friends to Funland on Thursday. My kids had a great time and I had lots of fun watching them.