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Last Day of November

It’s the last day of November and we have no snow on the ground. I’m enjoying the blue sky and sunshine this morning.

Kristi’s Birthday


Gray November Day

Nicholas and I walked to the park yesterday. The sky was overcast but it was still nice to be outdoors getting some fresh air and exercise.

Light Snow

A light snow was falling this morning as I walked.

Beautiful November Morning

It’s a beautiful day in Northern Michigan. The high today is supposed to be 54°. I’m enjoying the milder weather while it lasts. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite a bit colder.

First Snow

November Morning

After a rainy day yesterday it’s nice to see some sun this morning.

Lots of Leaves!


The piers were removed from the boat launch yesterday but it is such a nice November day that a boat was out on the lake this morning. It seems like October went way too fast but we are enjoying some mild weather this week.