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Wintry Day

More Like Winter

Yesterday we got a little more snow. Luke finally got to use our new large snow shovel . We really didn’t have enough snow to put it to use prior to yesterday. When I walked to the lake yesterday morning, I noticed more ice forming. There is still lots of open water though.   After the mild weather we’ve had lately, it’s starting to feel more like a typical winter.

Christmas Day


White Christmas?

We don’t have a lot of snow but we did get a little bit last night. I’m hoping we’ll have some snow for Christmas.


Kevin M. and I went for a walk this afternoon. The lake isn’t frozen yet but we did see a little icy slush near the shore.


Pretty Sunset

Afternoon Walk

It’s sunny and 43° here this afternoon which is rather mild for a December day. Kevin M. and I went for a walk. I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.

Light Snow

Yesterday morning we had a dusting of snow on the ground but it’s gone today.

Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree last night and the kids helped me decorate it today. It’s a beautiful Douglas Fir.

First Day of December