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Last Day of January

There are finally some shanties on the ice by the boat launch. I haven’t seen as many ice fishermen this year as normal.


Zachary and Josiah made pancakes for breakfast yesterday. It was very cold yesterday morning. Later in the afternoon when it was warmer, I walked with Zachary and Josiah to the hill by the trail where I walk so they could do some sledding.



The lake is covered with ice now.


Afternoon Walk

It’s a cold but beautiful day here. Luke, Nick, Zach, Josiah and I walked to the lake this afternoon.



We got lots of snow yesterday and last night. It was nice to wake up to a Winter Wonderland!




Mild Day

It’s another sunny, unseasonably warm day here in Northern Michigan. It’s 47 ° this afternoon which is definitely not typical January weather. I enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies when I was walking this morning. I noticed an interesting sand bar with snow on it in the lake. It looks like normal winter weather will return tomorrow. Lower temperatures and snow are in the forecast.

Sunny Day

January Sunrise

I enjoy walking early in the day as the sun rises.

Pretty January Day

It was cold this morning when I walked but beautiful! I wouldn’t want cold weather all the time but it was invigorating to walk in it today.

Snowy Day

We finally got a decent amount of snow. We’ve hardly had any this season so it was nice to see the snow falling today. Luke, Jacob and I went for a walk to the lake and enjoyed the beautiful snowy scenery.