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Cloudy Spring Day



Kevin’s Birthday

It was nice to have Kevin M. home for his birthday this weekend.

First Picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful start to spring. Kevin suggested we have a  picnic supper and then go to a park to play basketball. We ate at North Higgins Lake State Park. On that side of the lake there is still some ice. A pretty sunset was a fitting end to the warm, pleasant, sunny day we enjoyed.

Spring Sunrise

I walked to the lake this morning and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. We’ve been treated to some unusually warm and beautiful days here lately for this time of year. It was so nice last night that Jacob, Zachary and Josiah pitched their tent and camped out in the back yard. Spring is off to a wonderful start.

Not Bad for a Winter Day

Technically it’s still winter but the weather today isn’t wintry at all. It’s warm and sunny with a high in the mid 70s in the forecast. I finally felt like going for a walk after being sick for the last 3 days. My boys have been enjoying riding their bikes and playing basketball. I think that’s even more fun for them than shoveling snow.


Melting Snow and Ice

It’s warm and sunny here today and we have warm days in store for the rest of this week. I saw two ducks on the lake this morning on a patch of open water. Spring seems to be arriving early this year which is fine with me.


Yesterday was a foggy, rainy day that ended with a beautiful sunset.


Cold, Snowy Morning

It’s in the 20s and snowing here today. I’m looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are headed our way.


I finally did some cross country skiing this afternoon. It was my first time this winter. Nick, Josiah and I just skied around the field and our yard. It’s a lot more fun to go on the trails but I enjoyed it anyway. I also used a pair of snowshoes for the first time in my life. It was very easy and lots of fun. It was in the mid 40s this afternoon and the sun was shining so it was pleasant to be outdoors.

Danger, High Voltage

All of the snow we got last weekend sure is beautiful but it also did some damage. The side road I walk to get to the trail had yellow caution tape across the road with the warning, “danger, high voltage.” There was a downed power line across the road so I had to turn around and take a different route to the trail. Lots of limbs and branches were knocked down by the snow. Several trees were bent over the trail and one young pine had completely fallen. The sun was shining and the sky was blue making for a beautiful morning. Warmer temperatures this week will probably melt much of the snow. We have a cascade of snow on our roof going down to the porch roof likely to slide off as the temperatures climb.