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June Monday

I love the beauty of summer. Monday morning was such a perfect morning for a walk.

Pretty Summer

It’s been a beautiful week.


Last Tuesday, Kevin cooked some burgers for us and we enjoyed a nice picnic at North Higgins Lake State Park. I love summer when it’s so pleasant to be outdoors.

Smaller Family

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Our family is smaller this week. Kevin and Kristi are away at camp for the summer and Luke and Jacob have been there this week too. Taylor is busy working so we’ve been having fun with the youngest three.

Summer Saturday

Yesterday we went for a hike at Marl Lake. Zachary caught a baby toad.  Kevin treated us to some ice cream after the hike and on our drive home we saw a deer. We went to the lake for a bit. It was a hot day but the water is still a bit cold. After supper we had a campfire, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Taylor and Lydia got some sparklers and fireworks. It was a nice way to end the day.


Beautiful June Morning


Kevin and the boys dropped off some leaves this morning and came back with some mulch. Lots of trees and lots of boys make for lots of dirt and little grass, so the guys made a nice path with the mulch. Kevin made sure the boys knew the path is for walking not biking.



Yesterday the boys and I planted some vegetables and flowers. Nick worked hard putting up the fence around the garden. Hopefully we’ll have some fresh vegetables to enjoy this summer.