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Last Morning in July

July has gone by way too fast! We got some much needed rain last night. It was another beautiful morning for a walk.

Luke’s 16th Birthday

Luke celebrated his 16th birthday yesterday. His Dad took him out for breakfast and for his birthday supper he wanted tacos. The birthday cake he picked was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cake. The cake was chocolate with peanut butter frosting and covered with chopped up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. We went for an evening swim so Luke could try out his new swim mask.

Beautiful Morning


Yesterday morning I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over the lake. In the afternoon we went swimming. The wind was really blowing and we had fun in the waves.

Great Day

Yesterday got off to a great start with my morning walk. At lunch time Nicholas, Zachary, Josiah and I had a picnic at Hartwick Pines and enjoyed some time afterward at the Wood Shaving Days Festival there. We saw blacksmiths, wood carvers and many other artisans demonstrating their skills and displaying their handwork. The boys got to work on puzzles one blacksmith had forged. Nick managed to get his apart and put it together again. After supper we had cake and ice-cream. I had a wonderful day celebrating my birthday with my family.


Lake Trip

Yesterday I started my day with an early walk. It was sunny and warm so I took the boys to the lake in the afternoon to enjoy the water. It’s nice living near a beautiful lake!

Nick’s Birthday

Nicholas celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday. He wanted to go to the lake and do some swimming but it was cool and rainy all day. I told him I’d take him today instead since it’s going to be warm and sunny. Kevin did take Nick, Zach and JD for a quick swim after supper though so he did get to swim a bit like he wished.

Summer Walks

I sure do enjoy my morning walks. Summer is such a beautiful time of year. Yesterday was another pretty morning.

Early Walk

It’s going to be hot today. I was glad to get my walk this morning while it was still cool.  It’s a beautiful day!

Higgins Lake

Friday was a gorgeous hot, sunny day. A friend took us out on his boat and we had lots of fun on beautiful Higgins Lake.