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Saturday Sunrise

Cool and Cloudy

It was much cooler when I walked this morning and very cloudy. As I was walking back home it was nice to see patches of blue breaking through the clouds.

Taylor’s Birthday

We drove to Onaway yesterday to Taylor’s and Kevin’s to celebrate Taylor’s birthday. Luke drove there and back home and managed to finish the night time driving hours he needs to take his road test for his license. It was a beautiful evening for a drive. We took some Skyline Chili and Cherry Cheesecake. It was nice visiting with Taylor and Kevin for a bit.

Gorgeous October Day

Today’s warm, sunny beautiful weather is a nice change from the chilly, damp days we’ve had. A cold front is coming so I’ll enjoy this day while it lasts! Our high today is supposed to be 74°, which is a nice treat for this time of year.

Foggy Morning

Beautiful Start to the Day

Enjoying Fall

We enjoyed getting outdoors Saturday afternoon. It was a great day for some walking, bike riding and football.


October Morning Walk

It’s another overcast rainy day here. Good weather for watching some college football. My morning walk was a great start to my day.

May Jesus Christ Be Praised!

I was tempted to skip my walk this morning. The overcast sky, damp, chilly morning air and threat of rain didn’t seem too appealing. Thankfully I walked anyway. I watched an eagle flying low and soaring high over the lake. I snapped a few pictures that are blurry and don’t do justice to what I witnessed. A duck floated by while I was standing on the dock. The vibrant colors of the trees popped against the drab, gray background. When I neared home I heard chimes ringing out the wonderful hymns, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, When Morning Gilds the Skies, and Be Thou My Vision. 

I was so thankful I walked. There was much I would have missed. I never regret getting out and enjoying God’s splendor filled creation. Starting my day with some fresh air and exercise is always worthwhile. My walks give me a wonderful opportunity for prayer and to lift my heart in worship as I marvel at God’s amazing handiwork.

When you begin the day, O never fail to say,
May Jesus Christ be praised!
And at your work rejoice, to sing with heart and voice,
May Jesus Christ be praised!

Rainy Day

I enjoyed my walk this morning even though it was cloudy and a light rain was falling.