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More Snow

We got several inches of snow last night and freezing rain on top of it. It made for a crunchy walk this morning. Nick and Jake got a good workout shoveling the drive.






Cold, Snowy Morning

A light snow was falling as I walked this morning. The lake is frozen now. I saw an ice shanty on the lake and a couple of fishermen headed out to do some ice-fishing.

Warmer Morning

It wasn’t sunny this morning but it sure was much warmer than yesterday. 36° this morning felt much warmer than yesterday’s 4°.

Cold Morning

Yesterday morning when I walked it was only 4°. It was a beautiful sunny morning. I’m always glad to see the sun.

Happy Shovelers

Pretty Wednesday Morning

Cold Morning

It was 14° when I left for my walk this morning. I dressed warmly and enjoyed the beautiful winter landscape.


Kevin and Angelee were given many nice gifts at their shower yesterday.

Beautiful Morning

January Morning Walk

It was so nice to see the sun rising again this morning as I walked. We often have cloudy, overcast days in winter so it’s always great to see the sun. Ice is forming on the lake but there is still lots of open water.