Archives for February 2013

Lake Walk

I walked on the lake this morning and then on the trail back home.

Good Start

It was nice to get my day and week off to a good start with a walk this morning.

Winter Fun

I know some people don’t care much for winter but my boys enjoy the snow. Saturday they headed out to do some digging in the snow pile. They have fun making snow forts, sledding, skiing and ice-skating. I’m thankful they can get outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise.

Beautiful, Snowy Valentine’s Day

Busy Boys

We have a fresh batch of snow so the boys were busy shoveling this morning. Since I’m fighting a cold and the snow was a bit deep on the trail, I cut my walk short today.

Thursday Morning

I enjoyed walking through the snow yesterday morning.

Morning Walk

It was cold this morning but I was glad to get out and walk. My days are always better when I can walk in the morning.

Zachary’s Birthday

It’s been an exciting time in our family. Kevin M. and Angelee were married on Saturday and yesterday we celebrated Zachary’s 12th birthday. Kristi made some of her wonderful homemade pizza with all of the fixings and Zach wanted a chocolate truffle cheesecake for his birthday cake. It was a beautiful, sunny February day.