Archives for March 2013

Sunny Morning

Sunny and 45° is the forecast for today. It was definitely a beautiful morning for a walk. I watched ice fishermen testing the ice before they drove their 4 wheelers out further on the lake to do some fishing. It certainly is wise to exercise some caution before venturing out on the ice this time of year.

March Morning

It was a beautiful morning for a walk!

Early Spring

It was nice to see the sun this morning and I was happy to see some bare ground where the snow has melted.

First Day of Spring

Last Day of Winter

We woke up to some fresh snow this morning. I enjoyed the beauty of this last day of winter as I walked.

Great Start

I so enjoyed my walk this morning. My day got off to a great start and it was so nice to see the sun.

Winter Walks

I’m looking forward to spring but it’s definitely still winter!

Kevin’s Birthday

Snow Fort

My boys worked hard building a really cool snow fort. I’m always happy when they get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Zachary and Josiah are the only two in the pictures but they had lots of help from Luke, Jacob and Nicholas.

Beautiful Morning