Archives for April 2013

Foggy Morning


We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather. Yesterday was warm and sunny. After a long winter it’s great to get outside as much as possible. Luke, Jacob and Zachary went for a bike ride and then we went to the park so they could play some basketball. It’s nice to see the gorgeous blue water of Higgins Lake again now that most of the ice is gone.

Yard Work

The weather yesterday was perfect for getting outside and doing some yard work.

Pretty April Morning

Cloudy Morning

It’s cloudy and cold this morning but I enjoyed getting out for a short walk.

Tuesday Sunrise

I noticed the rosy sky outside my living room window this morning and was anxious to go for my walk and enjoy the beautiful morning.

Spring Day

Yesterday was beautiful. Luke, Zachary, Kristi and I walked to the lake in the afternoon and Luke and Zach were actually brave enough to venture into the cold water – not for long though. We got some raking done. Nick did some work to get the mowers ready and we enjoyed a campfire as the sun was setting. It was a great day to be outside.

Monday Morning

The snow has melted again. It’s nice to walk on the trail free from snow. I heard lots of different birds chirping this morning. Maybe spring has finally come to stay.

Snow Again!

We woke up to snow on the ground again. It’s supposed to be 50° here tomorrow so I’m hopeful the snow won’t last long.

Reedsburg Dam

After eating supper in Houghton Lake we stopped by Reedsburg Dam this evening. It’s been a beautiful day. It was nice to enjoy some fresh air without having to be all bundled up and it’s nice to see bare ground again.