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Last Day of May

I went shopping this morning so I missed my morning walk. I did get in afternoon walk though. While I walked, the boys went swimming. They said the water was cold.

May Morning

Memorial Day Weekend

Lately, we’ve done a bit of traveling around the state to visit with family. On Thursday we headed downstate to visit our parents. We got an early start and stopped in Clare for donuts. It was cool and rainy that day. The weather improved and we enjoyed sunshine and blue skies over the weekend. We visited with Kevin and Angelee in Onaway on Sunday. We enjoyed a nice hike, burgers on the grill and a campfire. Monday we traveled to Bear Lake to see more family. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we saw pretty scenery along the way. Jacob was able to do quite a bit of the driving and chip away at the 50 hours of driving time he’ll need before getting his license.

Three Campfires

We’ve enjoyed campfires three nights in a row. On Saturday evening while Taylor and Lydia were visiting we had one at home. On Sunday evening we had a campfire with Kevin and Angelee at their place and last night we had a campfire while we were visiting with Jim and Melony.

Memorial Day Parade

Higgins Lake

We had fun at the lake this afternoon. The boys were brave enough to get in the water.

Beautiful Spring Day

May Days

We’ve had our share of beautiful days this week.

More Sunshine

Another Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Nicholas, Zachary and Josiah took advantage of the great weather and camped out in the backyard last night.