Archives for June 2013

St. Ignace

We went to the car show in St. Ignace yesterday. The weather was great and there were lots of cars to see. While we were there we stopped for some fudge and then got some burgers for supper. We took our food to the park and ate and then enjoyed the beach on Northern Lake Michigan. We wanted to reward the guys for their hard work this past week. They hauled eight trailer loads of wood which will be greatly appreciated on cold, wintry days.

Great Day

It was a pretty morning for my walk yesterday. The boys have been hauling wood that will keep us cozy and warm in the winter. I’m thankful they are such good workers. We also had some much needed and welcome rain yesterday.

June 26

Rainy Morning

It was raining lightly when I walked this morning. When I arrived at the boat launch, a small barge was being loaded with building supplies and then headed out to the island.

Good Helpers

Jacob and Nicholas cleaned the vinyl siding yesterday. It’s nice having children who are good workers.

Summer Saturday

Saturday was a nice day for my walk and the boys enjoyed some bike riding and swimming. I love summer!

First Day of Summer

Yesterday was a pleasant start to summer. I enjoyed watching a couple of geese families by the lake when I went for my morning walk. I was surprised at how close I was able to get to them.

Last Day of Spring

The last day of spring yesterday was gorgeous!

Beautiful Day

Morning Walk