Archives for February 2014

Warm Morning

It was 27° when I started my walk this morning. It felt amazingly warm compared to the cold weather we’ve had so much of lately. I walked the lake to the boat launch and then walked the trail home. The sky was gray when I left and blue by the time I finished.

Beautiful Morning

Lake Walk

It’s another cold morning but I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and walking on Higgins Lake for a bit.


My kids enjoyed having their cousins here Friday and Saturday. The sun was shining Saturday and the temperatures were a little warmer so they were able to enjoy some fun outside in the snow.

Cold Winter

It certainly has been a cold winter and was only 4° when I walked this morning. I’ll be happy to see some warmer temperatures.

Walking the Trail

I was thankful to see that a snowmobile had been on the trail and packed down the snow. It makes walking in the snow easier.

Another Teenager

Zachary turned 13 this week so we have another teen in our house which brings us to a total of 5. Contrary to those who warn young parents about the teen years, I really enjoy my teens. They are lots of fun. Zachary celebrated his birthday a day late so Kristi could celebrate with us. Of course the fact that she makes the best homemade pizza was a big plus in delaying his celebration for a day.

Pretty February Morning