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Sunday Stroll

Fun At the Lake

Yesterday was a perfect day for some swimming and kayaking.

Summer Walks

Summer walks are the best.




Enjoying Summer

Late yesterday afternoon we went to the lake. The guys took our kayak along but forgot the paddle. I’m sure they’ll remember it next time. I finally swam for the first time this season. Today should be even warmer so hopefully we’ll get some swimming in again today. Kevin and Nicholas grilled some tasty burgers when we got home.

Another Beautiful June Morning

Great Summer Day

I love all of the seasons but summer is my favorite. Yesterday was a great day to enjoy the outdoors. On my way home from my morning walk, Nicholas, Zachary and Josiah rode by on their bikes headed to the lake to do some fishing. After lunch we went to the lake and they swam. Nicholas built a fire for us and we cooked hot dogs over the fire and made s’mores. Kevin read to us while we sat by the fire and then we played some frisbee.

Bike Ride

Josiah and I got a bike ride in this morning before the rain started.

No Bears Sighted

As I was getting ready to walk down the trail, a neighbor out posting some garage sale signs asked me if I have seen any bears around here lately. Apparently there is a mama bear with two cubs in the area. In all of the years I’ve walked here, I’ve yet to see a bear. I know we have bears in the area but the only bear I’ve seen in the wild was a cub while we were camping in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. It’s a beautiful morning for a walk and great weather for the boys to get their mowing jobs done.

Cloudy June Morning


I walked to the lake and watched the sunrise before it started raining.