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July Morning

It’s another beautiful July day. I enjoyed walking along the river this morning.

July Morning Walk


I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. The weather was great and I enjoyed my morning walk. We took Nicholas to Camp Barakel and I got to see Luke, Jacob, Taylor and Lydia for a bit. From there we traveled to Kevin and Angelee’s. It was a beautiful, scenic drive. Kevin and Angelee made a nice meal for us and Angelee made my favorite birthday cake.

Nick’s 16th Birthday

End of Vacation

We had a great time visiting with Taylor and Lydia over the weekend. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed some swimming and a walk to the park as the sun was setting.

Hog Island

We had a great time camping at Hog Island Point State Forest Campground. We had fun riding our bikes, swimming, hiking and the boys enjoyed kayaking to Hog Island. Our campsite was on northern Lake Michigan. We enjoyed the nice weather and the beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Clear Lake

We had a great week of camping at Clear Lake State Park. We enjoyed spending time with Taylor,Lydia, Kevin, Angelee and Adelaide while we were there. Luke had some time off from Camp Barakel and got to camp with us.

Fun Day

Yesterday I took Zachary and Josiah to the park and they swam a little bit. The water was a little cold and they didn’t stay in long. We hiked around some and then stopped by the splash park. We finished our day watching a Great Lakes Loons game. It was a nice evening to be at the ballpark.

Pretty July Morning