I love surprises – pleasant ones anyway. When I returned home from grocery shopping on Monday evening I was pleased to see a nice clean kitchen and dining room. Kristi had done a nice job of cleaning up after supper with a little (emphasis on little) help from Zachary and Josiah. Last week I went to a Ladies Retreat at Lake Ann and Kevin surprised me with a very funny video he made of the kids while I was gone. They are quite the actors. I’m sure things were far from chaotic with Kevin at the helm and the kids are very capable of keeping things running smoothly when I’m gone. I had a good laugh and I’m sure they had lots of fun making it.


  1. That was a very cute video, Carolyn! 😀 You have a beautiful and talented family.

    I hope you enjoyed the retreat. I’ve never actually been to Lake Ann but I’ve heard good things about the retreats and camps there.

  2. Thanks, Esther. The Retreat was great. I really enjoyed it. Lake Ann is a great place.

  3. they are good little troopers, aren’t they…

    Love those guys…


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