Last Friday evening we had snow in the forecast. My kids were so excited when the snow began to fall. The little guys pulled chairs up in front of the window to watch the snow and were excitedly making plans about playing in it the next day. We’re getting a nice snowfall right now. Kevin M., Nick, Zack and I went for a walk in the snow this afternoon. Here are some pictures Kevin M. captured with his camera.

snow walk

Nick, Zack and me

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Nick and Zack by the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the woods.

Higgins Lake

Nick and Zack by Higgins Lake. Too cold for a swim but they had their boots on and enjoyed stepping in the water.

walking home

Walking in the snow.


  1. lois pierpont says:

    Hi Caroline,I really like the photos,
    It looks cold.
    See you all soon maybe at Thanksgiving.

  2. Cool pics Aunt Caroline looks cold.


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