It’s been so cold here lately that I haven’t been walking as much outside. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill in the morning and then took a walk outside once it had warmed up some. Nick and Zack joined me for a walk to the lake. When we got back home they wanted to stay out and play in the snow for awhile. I’ll be glad when the cold spell passes and it warms up enough to get my morning walks in again.


Nick and Zack in front of the snow covered lake


Zack on top of the snowpile




Ready to go




On top of the pile




  1. Hey, that’s a nice pile you’ve got going there! Looks like those guys were really enjoying themselves. 🙂

  2. That’s the advantage of living by the church. The snow pile at the end of the parking lot makes for lots of fun!

  3. lois pierpont says:

    that is a lot of snow
    ours has melted almost but it is really cold here in chicago also but probably not as cold as it is up there
    the boys are so cute and it looks like fun

  4. i just looked at all of your pic… I really enjoy seeing all the kids have fun….in the snow etc.

    Brrrrr. I am just sitting here licking my wounds…(big sinus infection) came home early from work… took a long nap and now catching up on my surfing…

    Thanks for sharing… I won’t post on all of them. Just this one… Love you all.


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