In Like a Lion

March is definitely coming in like a lion. We’ve been getting quite a bit of snow and it’s been quite windy too. After we were finished with school this afternoon, I decided to go out and have some fun with the kids in the snow. Instead of one of my usual walks, I figured a little shoveling and pulling some of the kids around on the sled would give me plenty of exercise.


Jacob on the swing this afternoon


Snow covered Zack


Rosy cheeked Nick


Luke clearing snow off the van


The wind had kicked up and was really blowing the snow around when I took this picture of Jacob.


Josiah fresh from his nap and ready to have some fun in the snow


Taylor working on clearing the driveway


Kevin clearing out the snow in front of the mailboxes


  1. Nice pictures Carolyn!

  2. Thanks!

  3. great pics of my grandies… love them all

    Grandpa always laughs and doesn’t beleive me when I tell him that I love the snow, I love to play in the snow and make snow sculptures and I think it is fun to shovel…

    I suppose because I never can do any of those things with out big back trouble…

    Oh well. I still love it and I can understand the children enjoying it as much as they do.

    It is so refreshing.

    I will try not to be jealous… Ha1 Ha!

    Love you all.


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