Through the Puddles

Zachary went for a walk with me this afternoon. It’s a nice March day. The temperature is in the 40’s and has been for the past few days. Zachary, typical 6 year old boy that he is, had fun walking through the puddles. He had fun collecting pine cones on the walk too.

There aren’t many ice shanties left on the lake. Seeing all the melting and thawing that’s taking place has me anxious for Spring.




  1. sloppy puddles… I wrote a song about that once..
    When we were at Logansville church I was invited to the Fortnightly Club ( a group of musicians that met monthly).Ha!

    It was April or May…

    It’s wet, it’s wet
    the rain is falling on the ground
    It’s wet, it’s wet
    There’s lots of moisture all around
    It’s wet, it’s wet
    You’re going to get you tootsies wet….
    Don’t get in a muddle
    You’ll fall in a puddle
    You’re going to get your tootsies wet!

    by JANE A PIERPONT – 1969
    You may want to read another spring song I wrote on my site.

  2. That’s a fun song, Mrs. Pierpont. 🙂

    Carolyn, you’re a great Mom for planning ahead and having him wear puddle-proof boots. 😀

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