January Morning Walk

Over the River and Through the Woods

Josiah and I went for a walk over the river and through the woods this morning.

January Sunrises


We didn’t have a white Christmas but I’m glad we have some snow now. I enjoyed seeing the snow on my morning walk yesterday.

Christmas 2015

Rainy December Day

It was foggy and rainy when I walked yesterday.

Pleasant December Morning

After a very windy night it was a pleasant morning for my walk.


Last Saturday our youth group had a pancake breakfast to raise money for snow camp. That evening we went to the lighted Christmas parade in downtown Mt. Pleasant. Last night Kevin and I went to the candlelight Christmas walk through Dow Gardens. I’m enjoying the Christmas season. Now we just need some snow!

Morning Walk

It was a beautiful morning for a walk to the park.

Pretty Morning

I got my day off to a good start this morning with a walk. The high today is supposed to be 66°.